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Your South Charlotte Chiropractor in Carmel

Through chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, it is our mission to help people lead healthy and full lives, naturally.


Feel Your Best at Bowker Clinic of Chiropractic

Dr. Daniel adjusting patientAt Bowker Clinic of Chiropractic, South Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Daniel Bowker aims to provide gentle chiropractic adjustments to any member of the community who could benefit, regardless of age. Our patients include everyone from newborns to those well into their 90s!

Restoring Your Nervous System

Our nervous system, a complex collection of nerves and neurons, is the body’s “power” system–essentially its electrical wiring. When the nervous system is working properly, the body can heal itself. That’s what chiropractic care is all about—removing disturbance from your body so that it has the power to overcome dis-ease naturally.

While pain relief is one of the significant benefits of chiropractic care, adjustments can also help in a number of other areas, including improved sleep, enhanced mobility, and improved reflexes. Adjustments with us can also help improve chronic (ongoing) conditions, such as allergies and acid reflux.

Decades of Experience

Chiropractor South Charlotte Dr. Daniel Bowker has had a lifelong commitment to improving the health outcomes of those in his community. Before opening Bowker Clinic of Chiropractic over two decades ago, he spent a dozen years as a registered nurse, providing patient care in intensive care and trauma settings.

Dr. Bowker also has deep ties to the Charlotte medical community, and works closely with a large group of excellent physicians should a patient’s health needs fall outside the realm of chiropractic care.